To help design and to enable a building to be provided with car parks, Nordic Elevators, Melbourne can supply and install elevators to transport cars to each level, also called car lifts. Using car lifts removes the need for access ramps, enabling multi storey car parks in buildings with a small footprint. We have many years experience working with, and installing car elevators both Hydraulic (GMV Sweden) and even MRL Traction Lifts (CMM Italy) in various projects in Melbourne. We can provide you with expert advice on the different options of car lifts, to ensure the most efficient car transport solution. We can provide examples of these types of lifts in and around Melbourne, to help determine the solution that best suits the project.

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Our high quality European designed Dream-Lift package direct from CMM (Italy) can be installed within an existing or new residential site. We can also provide self supporting steel structure for residential lifts if required, which will remove the requirements for block work or pre-cast shafts. With multiple design and colour choices for car interiors and the opportunity to custom design the interior, we can provide a lift that really suits the style of project.

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Nordic Elevators in conjunction with CMM (Italy) and Kinds Elteknik (Sweden) put together quality European packages that suit each specific project. Utilising Ziehl Abegg drive and machine technology, we engineer a package that meets the quality expectations of all parties. Our well tested residential lift packages will perform efficiently and reliably and our sophisticated control systems can handle any type of elevator set-up. We also have the ability to provide any lift car dimension as stipulated by the architect, thus eliminating the need to suit lift car size standards as directed by some firms.

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Nordic Elevators can provide packages using the CMM Dream Lift that reduces both the pit depth and headroom requirements giving more flexibility in designing a building. This type of residential lift is suitable for low rise, minimal traffic type applications and can also facilitate situations where the disability standards must be met.

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A cost effective way to provide access to multi-level areas. Nordic Elevators in conjunction with our supplier Cibes (Sweden) can supply and install platform lifts to suit. The free standing construction eliminates the need for a pre built lift shaft. Short installation times and low current usage are also added benefits to this type of lift application.

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We can supply an elevator solution based on a GMV (Sweden) Hydraulic lift. This type of lift will minimise the shaft size, pit depth and overrun required, whilst meeting the requirements of the project in terms of lift size. The other benefit of this lift in respects to a similar size traction lift is cost, especially in terms of large lift cars / loads.

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Dumbwaiters from 100kg to 500kg can be supplied and installed by Nordic Elevators. Working with our suppliers BKG (Germany), we can provide a package to meet the requirements of each project. Many different types of applications can be offered to suit the specifics. The free standing construction also eliminates the need for a pre built lift shaft and short installation times means less disruption, especially if installed within existing buildings.

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