Car lifts operates in the same way as a normal passenger lifts, however instead of transporting only you, a car lift transports you and your car to your designated floor in a multi storey car park. The operation of accessing the lift can be carried out by a standard call station system or by utilising the latest remote call button technology. Thus, you do not have move from your car until you reach your car space.

There are two types of car lifts Nordic Elevators can offer: Hydraulic and MRL Gearless Traction.

Hydraulic car lifts provide spatial benefits to the design of a building. The shaft size required is smaller than MRL car lifts, as well as the pit depth and top overrun dimension. The reduced top overrun can be beneficial in designing the next level of a building. However, Hydraulic car lifts do operate at a slower speed (standard 0.30m/s to 0.60m/s) and generally are more suitable for car lift installations with a lower number of levels served.

MRL gearless traction car lifts use a traction machine mounted inside the lift shaft removing the need for a separate machine room, thus saving valuable space. They can reach higher speeds (1.0m/s) and are more energy efficient relative to their performance compared to hydraulic car lifts. MRL gearless traction car lifts can be used for any number of levels and provide huge benefits to a development.


Why use Car Lifts?

With inner city development area and sites becoming smaller in size, car lifts provide an opportunity for a development to occur and enable car parking to be provided. A car lift removes the need for access ramps in multi storey buildings, providing more space on every floor and allowing for multi level car-parking in buildings with a small. With the increased floor area, car parks can be made available using fewer levels of the building reducing costs for the developer.

Improved Performance

To provide a more efficient car transport solution, two car lifts can be installed, using one for entry and the other for exit from the building. Nordic Elevators can also provide tailored remote control solutions. Traffic lights are used for safer and easier entry and exit out of the car lift and positioning of the car inside the lift. These enhancements will provide a more user friendly customer experience and a more efficient overall system.

Experience and Quality

Nordic Elevators understand how important reliability is. Nordic Elevators service multiple car lifts in and around Melbourne. We have long-term experience in installing and working with different types of car lifts and maintain good relations with high quality suppliers in Europe, both for Hydraulic (GMV Sweden) and MRL Traction Lifts (CMM Italy). This gives us a unique position in the market, by enabling us to provide varied examples of different types of lifts throughout Melbourne, helping to determine the solution that best suits every project and provide the car lift solution best suited for your project.

Download our Hydraulic Car Lift brochure: click here.